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Expensive Headphone blunder sparks entrepreneurial spirit in a father’s kids


O’FALLON, IL, Sep. 27, 2016 – Seizing a golden opportunity to capitalize on an unfortunate blunder involving a washing machine and a very expensive set of Bluetooth workout headphones, February 16, 2016 marked the debut of the MTR LUX brand and the successful launch of its first 2 offerings:  an innovative set of black (http://www.amazon.com/MTR-LUX-Bluetooth-Headphones-Lightweight/dp/B017T0UB48) and white (http://www.amazon.com/MTR-LUX-Bluetooth-Headphones-Lightweight/dp/B019SFGMPY) wireless headphones aimed at unleashing the wearer from the limitations of cords attached to devices.

“These headphones can be comfortably worn for up to 8 hours of continuous listening while engaged in activities ranging from the most rigorous workout routines to prolonged couch potato sessions, and everything in between,” stated Anthony Brown, the company owner.  “The durable sweat proof headphones allow the audio source to be place up to 30 feet (10 meters) away, and they can also be paired with 2 devices.”

Since the original product debut last February, the family run business has shared its innovative noise cancelling earbuds with hundreds of Amazon customers, and it is now looking to expand its reach by introducing their wireless earphones on social media via targeted campaigns on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mtrluxbrands), Twitter (https://twitter.com/mtr_lux), and YouTube (https://youtu.be/6V4bBPCYtJA).  After weeks of exhaustive planning and preparation, they launched their social media campaign on Monday morning, September 26, 2016.

Taking the lemonade stand concept to the next level, the father-son-daughter team are studiously exploring the world of e-commerce as fledgling small business owners.  They are eager to contribute to supporting the US economy by researching and adding a number of other innovative products to their brand.


About The Company

MTR LUX Brands is a minority-owned company run by a retired US military disabled veteran whose personal mission is expanding the horizons of his 2 enterprising pre-teen children in the captivating world of ecommerce.  The brand’s first offering is a durable set of wireless headphones.